Rabu, 16 Maret 2011

leeteuk facts

*If Leeteuk retire from singing, he wanted to be a producer *T,T*
*His favorite drink is strawberry juice
*His favorite drink is strawberry juice
*Heechul gave him the nickname ′Peter Pan′, because he doesn’t want to grow up.
*According to the ELFs, he is the hottest and cutest Angel on Earth. (SO TRUE)
*He likes to compose songs.. 
*He is the Angel without wings, therefore, his favorite color is white
*He likes to play the piano
*In the making of Rokkugo mv, Leeteuk was asked to kiss Heechul. He panicked but in the end, he kissed Hee
*Leeteuk and Shindong taught SNSD how to introduce themselves to the public
*Leeteuk used to ask opinions from employees at the company to choose gifts for someone he likes
                                    *DONE :)*

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