Senin, 07 Februari 2011


now is super junior facts. :) (cr:twitter/search)

1. Eunhyuk felt scared the first time he met Shindong  
2. HeeChul gets annoyed by people easily, especially people who don't listen to him. 
3. Kangin dreamed to be a war general when he was young. 
4. Kyuhyun's favourite movie is “ the big swindle”, and he also likes “jumong” as well as “lovers in paris”. ^^ 
5.Heechul was chosen as The Weirdest Member of Super Junior by some Girlbands members. 
6. When Yunho DBSK got poisoned by anti fan, Heechul who doesn't believe in God, prayed for Yunho. 
7. Heechul's favorite Girlbands are Wonder Girls, 4 Minute, FX. 
               that's all! ;)

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