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super junior facts

sorry, i' can't give all facts of super junior.. thank you for ur coorporation
  • Involved in a car accident in 2007 with Super Junior members Kyuhyun, Shindong, & Eunhyuk. 
  • Leeteuk/Eeteuk means “special”, because he’s a “special guy” 
  • Calls himself an “Angel without wings” or “Angel Teukie” 
  • Therefore, white is his favorite color 
  • Heechul gave him the nickname “Peter Pan” (because he’s an angel, and Peter Pan flies) 
  • Got lasik eye surgery before debut (2005) but he still wears glasses for fashion 
  • Has a driving license 
  • Was a pepsi model 
  • Was going to be in a 5 member boy band w/ future SJ member Donghae, but the idea was dropped 
  • Starting December 2007, Leeteuk became the host of his own show, Leeteuk’s Love Fighter, a veriety show of Leeteuk helping to solve troubled couples’ problems. 
  • Heechul's favorite food is Kimchi Bbokeumbbop (kimchi fried rice)
  • When asked his Ideal type he answers with "Trying to find a woman who is your ideal type is quite rediculous. The person you truly like is your ideal type. I didn't realize that."
  • His definintion of Concerning love is "Unique ability to melt an ice-like heart."
  • He can not seem to get himself drunk even if he wanted to.
  • When asked how many most valuable friends he has he answers "The important thing is not 'how many' but rather 'how deep'.
  • Heechul is not afraid to kiss guys.
  • Heechul treasures himself over anyone else.
  • Heechul's first time drinking alcohol was in junior high.
  • Heechul does not like the fact he is growing up.
  • Heechul does not have any thoughts of getting married, but he would like to soon.
  • Heechul listens on average to 4 songs before being able to fall asleep.
  • Some of Heechuls specialities would be his quick wittyness in verbal combacks.
  • Heechul's answer when asked about his religion is "Against even Siwons preachings, I have no interest."
  • Heechul was smart and at the top of his class when he was a kid.
  • Used to have a Husky named Rider 
  • He is the leader of Super Junior Mandarin/ M
  • His idol is Andy Lau; He also admires Wang Lee Hom and Jang Dong-Gun.
  • His first love was in the 2nd year of Junior High School
  • He plays the piano.
  • His first kiss was in the 2nd year of High School 
  • He would like to go to Canada
  • His favorite season is Autumn 
  • His favorite color is red 
  • Red ‘best represents him’ 
  • He is in Super Junior’s 1st subgroup, Super Junior KRY with Kyuhyun & Ryeowook 
  • He dislikes strong people picking on weaker people 
  • Sometimes when he looks into the mirror, he sees his face & can’t help but smile. 
  • Sometimes he’ll even call his umma & say, “thank you for raising me up to be so awesome.”
  • He considers knowing yourself as a very precious thing. If you can love yourself, then you can love others 
  • During high school he got love confessions from guys & they even touched his face as he took a nap 
  • Kangin likes natural beauty, therefore he likes girls with nice legs because legs cannot have plastic surgery done on them 
  • SJ members say that despite his touch appearance Kangin is very kind & fragile.
  • He once played drums for The Trax on a show due to their drummer leaving 
  • If he was going to propose, he wants to do it like his dad. He wants to propose in the very same church. 
  • Habits: Gestures whenever he speaks 
  • Awards: ‘Best Super Model of the Year’, ‘Sexiest Guy In Korea’
  • Is in Super Junior M 
  • Besides being in Super Junior he is a model & an actor. 
  • Siwon was once saved by Andy Lau when he was filming Battle of Wits', Andy saved him from falking face forward down a cliff, becoming both his rescuer and savior.
  • Super Junior’s youngest & final member…Added right before Super Junior’s 200th day anniversary
  • In 2006 he was placed in super Junior’s 1st subgroup, Super Junior KRY with Ryeowook & Yesung
  • Nicknames: GameKyu, later changed to DraKyu “PrinceKyu” by fans
  • School: Shinchung Middle school, Yumkwang High School, Kyunghee University
  • In the early morning of April 19, 2007, Just one month before Kyuhyun’s first anniversary in Super Junior, Kyuhyun, along with Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, and two managers were involved in a car accident. Kyuhyun, who was sitting behind the driver’s seat when the accident occurred, received the most injuries. He was hospitalized & diagnosed with a fractured hip, pneumothorax fro fractures ribs, and facial scratches & bruises. He spent time slipping in and out of consciousness and was mute due to shock. Kyuhyun was in ICU for a period of time, but after six days he was moved to a regular hospital room. Kyuhyun was discharged on July 5th, 2007.

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