Senin, 21 Februari 2011

Donghae wants to be A.."Bad Guy"?

Super Junior Donghae revealed a past love story of his on the recent episode of “Strong Heart” aired on 7th December 2010.
During his high school time Donghae accompanied Yunho to meet some friends. There he met a girl, whom he considered to be his ideal type. With a little help from Yunho he got the girl’s phone number and contacted her. After almost one year he found out that the girl already had a boyfriend, who used to study abroad.
Since he really liked that girl, he did everything for her: when she had to do exams, he prepared foods and fruits for her; when it was snowing, he made a snowman for her…Although the girl refused him, he kept waiting for her in front of her home for 9 or 10 hours, just to see her leaving for school and coming back home again.
After two years the girl told him to go away and Donghae was thinking about to give up. But after three months the girl called Donghae and wanted him back. Donghae agreed, but this time he wanted to be a “bad guy”: in the following month all he did was to make a call and she came to meet him; when he was hungry, she bought him food.
Due to the girl’s sudden change of attitude, Donghae concluded: Maybe all girls prefer bad guys?
I think Donghae would be really good boyfriend to a girl, unless he’s a “nice guy” or a “bad guy”. What do you think

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